Millsap / Brock


Located in the Parker County in the state of Texas, Millsap is a small town with a population of approximately 400 people. Known for its country-side landscape, the lifestyle in the area can only be described as peaceful and quiet.


The city of Millsap is mostly made up of married couples and families, many of which have children. This small community have seasonal gatherings to celebrate the coming of seasons. The celebrations allow the people of Millsap to get to know each other and support the tranquility that this city nurtures. The charming community is ideal for young couples looking to settle in a quiet area to start a family.

Business and Employment

Most people from Millsap travel to neighboring cities for employment. However, small businesses are operating and some are growing. As more opportunities grow for businesses, employment opportunities also increase. Entrepreneurs and small businesses alike help support the local economy, ensuring that the city is sustainable for future growth and employment.


There are a number of schools within Millsap. Education in the city is served by the Millsap Independent School District, which covers the west central area of Parker County. The School District strives to inspire, develop and educate the students to ensure they grow up to be productive young citizens.

Shopping and Recreation

Shopping can be done within the city of Millsap and along the nearby cities of Mineral Wells and Weatherford, where options for brands and items are abundant. A multitude of recreational activities are also available in Millsap - be it hiking, cycling, horseback riding and camping.

Real Estate

Millsap has a wide range of properties including cabins, farms, houses and other properties. These properties range from small to large estates. If searching for senior housing or single-home dwelling, these developments and units are also available in the area.

Find out more

Looking for more information about the real estate in the city of Millsap, simply do a home search and a number of listings will come up for you to choose from. Come and enjoy the rural lifestyle of Millsap. You'll never know, you might just end up falling for the serenity that this city offers. 


Thinking of changing location? Have a closer look at Brock, Texas. Brock is located in Parker County, with a population of over 25,000 people. For city folks who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, or those who want to inhale clean air instead of pollution, Brock is the ideal choice.


Brocks is comprised of young couples, families with children and senior citizens. Brock being a friendly town, expect to be welcomed by the locals with a smile and a chat. The more newcomers take part in local events, the quicker they'll get to know the rest of the Brock community and get accepted.


With a mixture of Caucasians, African Americans, Asians, and people of mixed races, Brock sports a diverse culture that finds an outlet in local cuisine.


Regardless what age children are, the Brock education system can accommodate them. Brock has an elementary school, a middle school and a high school. Together they take care of about 900 children. In addition to classes, all three schools organize extracurricular activities and the occasional fundraiser.

Business and employment

For employment at Brock, type "employment opportunities in Brock" in your favorite search engine and you'll be able to pick and choose of what's available in and around the town. Entrepreneurial spirits can contact any of the businesses directly or get in touch with one of the many employment agencies.


Seventy two stores see to it that Brock residents have anything they need. Whether it be groceries, clothes, tools for home improvements, paint or gourmet coffee, Brock is well equipped to cater to any occasion.

Real estate

Whether you're seeking to rent or buy, there's plenty to choose from at Brock. In beautiful surroundings, pick and choose from new or vintage, a cute cabin, a two bedroom house, a stately four bedroom home, or even a farm. If there's one thing Brock has, it's space, lots and lots of space.

When in doubt, take a drive to Brock, have a look around and talk to the locals. Chances are, Brock's fresh air and relaxed lifestyle will enchant you.