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Weatherford City Homes Under 150k

Weatherford City Homes Over 150K

Founded in the 1850s, along with surrounding Parker County, Weatherford, Texas is ideally situated a scant thirty miles to the west of Fort Worth, and affords residents all the allure of small town western living while offering all the big city amenities available in the nearby Dallas-Fort Worth metro complex. For those in the market, the Weatherford City Parker County real estate market is an attractive option for those looking to set down roots.


With a population that just barely nudges past the 25,000 mark, Weatherford City, Texas is a tight-knit community comprised of seven constituent neighborhoods. The Poolville area of town has homes commanding a median housing value of $139,000, while the Rusk Street district features affordable buy-ins with median home prices of $86,838. Clearly, the Weatherford City Parker County real estate market offers a number of price points for all financial level of buyers.

Business and Employment

As mentioned, the close proximity of the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is an oasis of employment for most of the workers in the area, and the Weatherford City Parker County real estate market is no different. Some of the major employers in the area include American Airlines, Radio Shack Corporation, Lockheed Martin, and Pier One Imports. Emerging economic sectors include communications and semiconductor manufacturing jobs.

Shopping in the Weatherford City Parker County Real Estate Market

The town has a vibrant and active Chamber of Commerce that fully supports the merchant community. From a charming historic shopping district that features a bevy of antique, boutique, and specialty shops can quickly absorb an entire day trying to see everything that there is to see and buy. Additionally, the town hosts the state's oldest open-aired market: First Monday Trade Days. In a tradition stretching back more than a century-and-a-half, the market harkens back to the frontier tradition of the town.

Schools and Education

The town's youngest denizens are served by the Weatherford Independent School District. Operating eleven schools within the district, and servicing the educational needs of more than 7,500 students, the community placed high priority on the education of their youth. For older scholars, Weatherford College offers students more than thirty-five areas of study, and close to twenty professional and technical programs in its course catalog. At 140-years-old, Weatherford College is one of the oldest learning institutions in the Lone Star State.

Weatherford City, Texas: Growing with Tradition

For homebuyers looking in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but do not want to live within the crowded confines of the big city itself, the Weatherford City Parker County real estate market is an attractive draw and must see on any open house tour.