Possum Kingdom

Possum Kingdom Lake is the largest man-made lake in Texas. It is home to year-round residents as well as summer vacationers. There is a wide range of opportunities for residents to work in the area at local camping sites, fishing locations, and area resorts. Visitors will enjoy the wide range of opportunities for camping, fishing either on a boat where they can launch from one of 5 public ramps or one of many fishing piers. There is also great swimming, hiking and ATV adventuring.


Possum Kingdom Lake Residents call their home "PK". They enjoy living in and around Possum Kingdom State Park. The area is famous for its camping sites and easy living. This is the place to go after you have put in your working years and you are ready to enjoy the great outdoors.

The Possum Kingdom Lake offers its residents a comfortable climate. Possum King Lake offers 20,000 acres of land with about 310 miles of shoreline to enjoy in many ways. If you think this is the place you want to live easy and enjoy the good life you can do a Possum King Lake Real Estate search to see homes that are available for you.


The businesses in Possum Kingdom Lake cater to the area's camping and fishing features with bait and tackle stores, camping gear, and boat rentals, among other things people who love the great outdoors will need.

The area boasts 400 camping sites, RV sites, and tent camping sites. PK is visited by more than 3 million visitors per year. Those visitors provide a large number of jobs for local residents who provide camping gear, tour opportunities along the trails. Dining on the East and West sides of the lake. The East side boasts 11 restaurants, while the West side has 2 restaurants.


Possum Kingdom Lake (proper) does not have pk-12 schools, but there are school in nearby town, including: Graham High School and Open Door Christian School, also in Graham, Texas; Graford Elementary School, and Palo Pinto Elementary School.


Along with all the fun camping, fishing and hiking, there are a variety of restaurants on the East and West sides of the lake. The East side boasts 11 restaurants, while the West side has 2 restaurants. The 2 restaurants on the West side celebrate the local flavor.

Everyone can enjoy the beauty that PK has to offer its residents and visitors. This is a good area for an individual or family that enjoy the great outdoors. If you want to learn more about homes that are available right now, you can do a Possum Kingdom Lake Home Search to find your next home.


There are 526 homes in Possum Kingdom Lake, including cabins. There are also large tracts of land available for single family homes or larger developments. Whether you are looking for a home to live in year-round, or you want a cabin along the waterfront, you can do a search for Possum Kingdom Lake Homes for Sale by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.


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